The weather has been particularly cold here in Ireland over the past few months so a last minute deal to the sun was just the ticket and a great start to the New Year! Lanzarote was the destination with sun, sea and relaxing thermal spas to heat up the bones after several months wrapped up in winter woolies.  I’ve been to Lanzarote before and love the vast selection of restaurants,  fabulous seafood available and how accommodating the staff are to coeliac needs.  Lanzarote has an abundance of restaurants for all tastes: Italian, Mexican, Indian, Chinese, Japanese and local cuisine.  This time I hoped to visit some new restaurants and I wasn't disappointed.

The Puerto Bahia restaurant is located in the old town harbour area. This restaurant has a very good selection of food and drink with fabulous views over looking the beautiful harbour.  Upon arrival I asked the waiter about gluten free options and produced a laminated card with details of what I can/cannot eat in Spanish.  I make these cards in advance of trips abroad to ensure I can communicate my coeliac needs in the relevant language of each country I visit.  This method has proved very successful as there is no confusion or language barriers with the chefs.  The waiter understood immediately and said gluten free options on their menu would be no problem.  Another waiter arrived and asked who is the coeliac, and served me two gluten free bread rolls before my meal. These were warm, extremely fresh tasting and such a nice touch.  The swordfish I had for my main was delicious, served in a creamy fish sauce with canarian potatoes and grilled vegetables.  Accompanied by a white Torres San Valentin wine this was an excellent start to the holiday.

During our holiday it was my mother’s birthday and she decided to celebrate at The Indian Zaffran, Calle Juan Carlos I, Puerto del Carmen in the Old Town.  I choose my moment without her hearing and told the waiter it was her birthday and would they have a desert with a candle to celebrate. He smiled and to be honest I didn’t really know if he understood my request, never matter I thought and continued to enjoy another fabulous gluten free meal. At desert the waiters produced a gluten free almond cake with candles (one of the variety made by IKEA), such a surprise that they took my coeliac needs into consideration, after all it was my mother’s birthday!  They had requested the cake from their sister restaurant Indian Aroma and got it delivered specially.  Such a thoughtful gesture and to top this off the owner then gave us a bottle of champagne to finish off our celebrations.  We were touched by the way the staff at Indian Zaffran ensured we enjoyed our meal and how considerate they were towards my coeliac condition and my mother's birthday.  This is definitely a night we will remember and we were only half way through our gastronomic adventure.

The Aquarsis Thermal Spa is definitely worth a trip when visiting Lanzarote.  The hydrotherapy and themotherapy treatments zone provides a perfect setting to relax your mind and totally destress.  It also acts as a workout as you are kept moving around the different zones and it works up a great appetite!  After our second trip to this Spa we decided to head for some authentic Mexican cuisine at the nearby La Cantina Don Rafael.  We had walked by this restaurant a couple of times and were attracted by it’s colourful Mexican decoration and bright coloured textiles.  Upon arrival it was buzzing with customers.  They offer an extensive menu and I fancied the fajitas but wondered would a gluten free taco accompany it.  The waiter was most informative and helpful offering advice on all dishes and how they could be adapted for coeliac needs.  The chicken fajitas included, a huge portion of sizzling chicken served with soft corn tacos, various sauces and a portion of black beans.  It was a long time since I ordered fajitas at home as there were always complications with the tacos, so this was a real treat and fantastic value. 

After a week of eating gluten free meals without any complications I only wish I had more time in Lanzarote to sample their fabulous wide ranging eateries.  I’m looking forward to coming back soon to revisit some of my favourites and discover many more.

Puerto Bahia, Avenida de Varadero del, 5, 35510 Tias, Lanzarote 
tel: +34 928 513 793     

The Indian Zaffran, Calle Juan Carlos I, commercial center Olivine nº 25, Puerto del carmen, just by the Biosphere shopping Center.
tel: +34 928 512 747

La Cantina Don Rafael, Avenida de las Playas, 29, 35510 Puerto del Carmen
tel: +34 928 513 407

Aquarsis Thermal Spa, Calle Chalana,1. Puerto del Carmen 35510, Tías, Lanzarote.
tel: +34 928 511 337  

"Coaching for a Gluten Free Life"

Clare Egan
2/3/2011 04:23:58 am

Hi Louise Really enjoyed reading your account of your gluten free holiday in Lanzarote. I wonder could you help me? I am trying to find out whether or not I can buy any gluten free bread in Lanzarote? My father is travelling there soon and is worried about his bread supply. I would really appreciate any help you could give us. Many thanks Clare

9/26/2012 01:37:54 am

Del Taco restaurants offer very good food and the rates.

8/10/2015 02:55:55 am

All the Spar shops now have a Gluten free section. Also, the Hipodino stores have ALL products priced with a black tag to indicate if they are gf or not. Mc Donalds even have GF burgers! Post dat Aug 2015 (for future ref if anyone comes acorss this post!)


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